Projects we have recently been awarded:  

  • Design and fabrication of an 18,000 pound lift dump unit
  • Design of a new pumphouse building for an industrial facility in Fairborn, Ohio
  • Design of a new 15,000 square foot addition for a factory in Urbana, Ohio Includes: site development/topography, sanitary sewer and curb cut, stormwater analysis and retention, foundations and concrete, HVAC, electrical service with distribution
  • Fabricate ornamental rails and fencing for an apartment complex
  • Fabrication of multiple tooling fixtures, conveyors, & craneways in an automotive factory
  • Design and fabrication of steel support structures for 80 to 100 ton bins at three support facilities
  • Design, fabrication and installation of ornamental sign structures for three storefronts
  • Structural analysis and design of stabilization repairs for a historical hotel in Urbana, Ohio
  • Installation of dust collection equipment at top of a cement bin
  • Relocation of a paint booth
  • Design of multiple digital sign structures

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